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This list is a comprehensive collection of product announcements provided by exhibitors in anticipation of IMTS.

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2020

Erowa PowerChuck P Enables Reliable Workpiece Palletization

IMTS Spark: The Erowa PowerChuck P is a universal interface for quick and precise positioning of palletized workpieces or fixtures on a machine table.

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2020

Enshu's WE30V Includes Device for Automatic Part Transfer

IMTS Spark: Enshu USA introduces WE30V vertical machining center with an integrated E-Loader, a built-in automatic part transfer device.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2020

Epicor 10.2.600 ERP Software Features Improved Productivity Tools

IMTS Spark: The 10.2.600 release of Epicor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software simplifies work for greater productivity, provides greater access to data and automates critical business processes.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2020

EOS M 300-4 Performs Production-Level Direct Laser Sintering

IMTS Spark: Designed for industrial production of high-quality metal parts, the EOS M 300-4 performs direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2020

Doosan's Puma SMX5100L Turn-Mill Offers Greater Working Area

IMTS Spark: Doosan Machine Tools’ Puma SMX5100L twin-spindle, multitasking turn-mill, is the largest machine in the Puma SMX series.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2020

Danobat's CG-PG Grinders Tackle Difficult Applications

IMTS Spark: Danobat’s CG-PG range of grinding machines is said to offer near-100% machine availability while operating at cutting speeds of 80 m/sec. with conventional abrasive.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2020

Alpha Laser's AL-Rock Mobile Robot System Performs Laser Hardening, Cladding

IMTS Spark: The AL-Rock system from Alpha Laser is a mobile robot designed for targeted laser hardening and cladding of metal surfaces.

PUBLISHED: 7/24/2020

Vargus USA's ALCN External Thread Turning Toolholders Provide High-Pressure Coolant

IMTS Spark: Vargus USA’s ALCN line of external thread turning toolholders with high-pressure coolant is designed for improved productivity and extended tool life.

PUBLISHED: 7/24/2020

Emag's VLC 350 GT Performs Hard Turning, Grinding in Single Clamping

IMTS Spark: Emag’s VLC 350 GT is designed to perform hard turning and grinding of chucked components, especially in transmission and engine production applications.

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2020

Visual Knowledge Share Enables Creation of Paperless SOPs, Work Instructions

IMTS Spark: Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) offers work instruction software designed to enable shops to become more lean and ready for Industry 4.0.

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