The Official ShowDaily for IMTS 2018

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This list is a comprehensive collection of product announcements provided by exhibitors in anticipation of IMTS.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Modular Fixturing Products Reduce Setup for Machining Centers

IMTS 2018: Bluco will display a variety of modular fixturing products for vertical and horizontal machining centers. 

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Single-Spindle Lathe Series Offers Intuitive Programming

IMTS 2018: Tornos is displaying its SwissDeco multitasking single-spindle lathe for the automotive, medical, dental, electronics and aerospace industries. 

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Automation System Promotes Accessibility, Maneuverability

IMTS 2018: Lang Technovation’s Robo-Trex Automation System is the company’s first automation based on the company’s smaller, 52-mm Quick-Point system. 

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

3D Printing Platform Enables "High-Speed Digital Molding"

IMTS 2018: 3D Systems’ Figure 4 3D printing platform consists of Figure 4 Production, Figure 4 Standalone and Figure 4 Modular.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Carbide Cutoff Machine Operates Semi-Automatically, Manually

IMTS 2018: Rush Machinery’s Rush Easy-Cut XL carbide cut-off machine enables cutting of carbide flat stock up to 2" × 4" and rod and tool ends with diameters between 1/8" to 1¼".

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Helical Mills Leave Smooth Surfaces

IMTS 2018: Scientific Cutting Tools Inc.’s helical chamfer mills offer free cutting for improved surface finish.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Lean Transfer Machine Performs Turning, Boring, Milling

IMTS 2018: Gnutti’s Piccola lean transfer machine is designed for high flexibility, productivity and reconfigurability.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Thread Grinder Can Be Equipped with Internal, External Grind Spindles

IMTS 2018: Drake Manufacturing’s GS:DS dual-spindle thread grinder expands the company’s line of thread grinders and milling machines. 

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Cutting Tools Resist Heat, Hold Size

IMTS 2018: Crystallume’s Demon line of cutting tools is designed for extended cuts in difficult materials. 

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2018

Insert Drill Shines in Interrupted Cuts

IMTS 2018: Allied Machine & Engineering’s 4TEX drill makes shallow 2xD, 3xD and 4xD holes in the 12 to 47 mm (0.472" to 1.850") range.

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