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Eight-Axis Gear Hobbing Center Highlights Speed, Rigidity

IMTS 2018: Affolter Technologies is showcasing its gear hobbing center AF110 plus, an eight-axis machine with a cutter-spindle speed ranging to 12,000 rpm.

Affolter Technologies, in partnership with its U.S. representative Rotec Tools, is showcasing its AF110 Plus gear hobbing center, an eight-axis machine with a cutter-spindle speed ranging to 12,000 rpm. Built for versatility, precision, power, rigidity and ease of use, the machine is capable of making gears ranging from 1,270  to 17 DP. It cuts spur, helical, frontal, bevel and crown gears.

Available automation systems for part loading and unloading include universal grippers, drum loaders or robot loading, as well as options such as deburring, dry cutting, centering microscopes and oil mist aspiration.The AF71 loader system with two grippers is said to accommodate 24-hour unattended production. While a gear is in the hobbing process, the other gripper in the loader system reaches out for the next part to load. 

The company’s Worm Screw Power Skiving (WSPS) technology is also available as an alternative to worm hobbing. In this process, the company says, the workpiece moves faster than the cutter, with two additional spindles ranging up to 12,000 rpm. WSPS is said to combine high speeds with necessary stiffness to enable manufacturers to finish a high-precision worm in only six sec. The technology focuses on small worms with a module ranging to 17 DP.

Learn, Network, and Grow with a Stop at the Top Shops Booth

Designed for all sizes of shops and manufacturing facilities, the Top Shops booth in the North Building Lobby has unique features you don’t want to miss, including:
  • Interactive display of parts crafted by past Top Shops
  • Lounge area near Starbucks for recharging and connection
  • And more!