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CNC Mills Improve Chip Evacuation, Increase Speeds

IMTS 2018: Tormach’s 1100M and 770M CNC mills upgrade the design of the company’s previous models.

Tormach’s 1100M and 770M CNC mills feature an upgraded design of the company’s previous models. Improvements include a redesigned enclosure and stand for better chip evacuation, more robust spindle drives (1.5 hp for the 770M and 2 hp for the 1100M), an Ethernet-based control system for improved diagnostics, and plug-and-play accessories for easy installation.

The 1100M model also has increased Y-axis travel and spindle speeds ranging to 7,500 rpm for improved cutting performance over the previous version. The 770M model accommodates spindle speeds ranging to 10,000 rpm. Both models are designed to cut tough materials like stainless steel, titanium and pre-hardened tool steels. 

Learn, Network, and Grow with a Stop at the Top Shops Booth

Designed for all sizes of shops and manufacturing facilities, the Top Shops booth in the North Building Lobby has unique features you don’t want to miss, including:
  • Interactive display of parts crafted by past Top Shops
  • Lounge area near Starbucks for recharging and connection
  • And more!