The Official ShowDaily for IMTS 2018

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AM Software Reduces Print Time, Material Consumption

IMTS 2018: 3D Systems’ 3DXpert 14 AM software facilitates production cycles.

3D Systems’ 3DXpert 14 additive manufacturing (AM) software facilitates production cycles and supports the transition from using AM technologies for prototyping to full production applications.

The software helps print managers optimize total cost of operation through reduced print times, material consumption and postprocessing labor requirements, according to the company.

The software offers intelligent multi-head control and auto-balancing. Through laser synchronization, gas flow and correct hatching order, the software shortens the print time for large parts while maintaining material integrity. 

Built-in templates and automation tools shorten print preparation time and provide options for orientation analysis using stress approximation. The templates and tools also offer support structure and lattice structure options. The templates enable generation of lattices as well.

The Build Simulation module includes a free version for education, as well as standard and professional version.

Learn, Network, and Grow with a Stop at the Top Shops Booth

Designed for all sizes of shops and manufacturing facilities, the Top Shops booth in the North Building Lobby has unique features you don’t want to miss, including:
  • Interactive display of parts crafted by past Top Shops
  • Lounge area near Starbucks for recharging and connection
  • And more!