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Active Chipbreaker Improves Aluminum Turning

IMTS 2018: Lach Diamond Inc.’s 3D-Active active chipbreaker is beneficial for both rough and finish turning of aluminum.  

Designed for turning aluminum alloys, the 3D-Active active chipbreaker from Lach Diamond Inc. is suitable for both rough machining and fine finishing applications. Whereas CO-type chipbreakers redirect chips, the active chipbreaker is designed to guide chips with a cutting depth (ap) of 0.01 mm.  The cutting depth can be increased up to the maximum length of the cutting edge.

Learn, Network, and Grow with a Stop at the Top Shops Booth

Designed for all sizes of shops and manufacturing facilities, the Top Shops booth in the North Building Lobby has unique features you don’t want to miss, including:
  • Interactive display of parts crafted by past Top Shops
  • Lounge area near Starbucks for recharging and connection
  • And more!