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Tool Data in 3D Enhances CNC Simulation

September 16, 2016 / , Editorial Director, Modern Machine Shop


The latest version of Vericut simulation software from CGTech (Irvine, California) has, among other new features, the enhanced ability to read in 3D solid model data of cutting tool assemblies for use in the simulation process. These 3D solid models of cutting tools, tool holders and other cooling components are increasingly available from cutting tool manufacturers such as Sandvik, Kennametal, Iscar and others.

At CGTech's Booth E-3346, demos will focus on how Vericut version 8 is taking advantage of the 3D solid models of tool assemblies to make simulations of the machining process more effective and accurate.

"As with all software programs, the accuracy of the data input will directly affect the output. More accurate digital models of cutting tools means that simulation machining processes become more accurate, too," says Tom Benedetti, product specialist at CGTech. He explains that Vericut version 8 is designed to import these 3D solid models directly from the MachiningCloud app, which many cutting tool companies support as the common, cloud-based repository for their 3D models.

This means that simulation software can more readily interpret MachiningCloud metadata, which makes the 3D solid models uniformly readable regardless of the cutting tool manufacturer. This can significantly simplify the configuration of cutting tools for use in Vericut.

"We will also be showing how the new Ribbon Bar in this latest release of Vericut enables users to quickly select the function they want to use. As you move from tab to tab, the ribbon bar dynamically updates to show the options available for that tab. Options are grouped by the function they perform within the software. This helps users find the functionality they need quickly and with minimal mouse clicks," Benedetti says.


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